BMW F 700 GS 2012 Tankring Lock-it for BMW F 650/700/800 GS

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  • Article number: 506667
  • Motorcycle: BMW F 700 GS

Product description:


Special adapter "tankring" for BMW where there is no tank-lid

Innovative tank bag attachment - Fidlock patented

The HEPCO&BECKER tank ring for fastening tank bags is a big advance for attaching tank bags to the motorcycle.
The problems associated with positioning the tank bag are eliminated by magnetic centering.

The side ribs attached to the magnets also mechanically secure the tank bag.
When the lock is released, the poles of the magnets match and the tank bag is released from the attachment.
The tank bag‘s base plate shields the magnetic field of the tank ring‘s two permanent magnets, so that credit cards and electronic devices cannot be damaged.


  • special powder coated metal tankring
  • two high power magnets which secure the tankbag on the ring
  • every tankbag by HEPCO&BECKER can be fitted; but depends also on bike specific tank-lid positioning and handlebars; please check manual for more info and limitations
  • Tankbag "Daypack small 640804" does not need tankring

  • Vehicle specific information: Only suitable with tank bag Street Daypack (640803 00 01), Tourer M (640805 00 01) und Tourer L (640800 00 01) and Street Daypack 2.0 (640808 00 01)
  • Compatible with following models: Please check mounting instructions for more info
  • Item no.: 506667
  • EAN: 4042545539979
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Recommended loading: Recommended load: 3kg (Please note the model-specific info, as well as the info on the assembly instructions and motorcycle manufacturer-specific information for any restrictions that may occur.)
  • color: black


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